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ferretti group yachts grant sea lovers the luxury of a private island

ferretti group blends italian craftsmanship with latest technology


through the seascapes and breeze, through the blue hues and waves, the luxurious yachts by ferretti group sail through the horizon. just like a personal private island, each yacht promises the excited sea lovers adventures with exceptional performance and finesse. the design-leading italian manufacturer combines the efficiency of industrial production with typical fine craftsmanship, including prestigious yacht brands such as riva, CRN and wally. throwing style to the wind, let the hair flow and enjoy the comfort of sailing on a private island.


ferretti group sails through the horizons with a private island on board

all images and videos courtesy of ferretti group



what does one expect from a private island? authentic luxury, safety, comfort, privacy and total bliss are a given with ferretti group yachts. the italian brand was founded in bologna in 1968. now serving customers in over 70 countries, the multinational shipbuilding company honors italy’s centuries-old yachting tradition as it vaunts a portfolio of exclusive yachts, from ferretti yachts, pershing and riva to itama, custom line, wally and CRN


ferretti yachts bring the luxury of the living room on the waves



the yachts turn cruises into the most relaxing sea adventures


the ferretti yachts fill both the sea and the gaze. the sense of wellbeing is magnified by the comfort and practicality of the living areas, as the indoors design solutions fully exploit the available space. every model in the fleet is a blend of safety, fine craftmanship and high-tech innovation. on ferretti, the cruising experience becomes total relaxation as new horizons are revealed.


custom line includes the planing and the navetta lines



the custom line series fulfils every cruising and lifestyle need. the planing line is dedicated to the most demanding, dynamic owners inspiring an elevated expression of power, performance and state-of-the-art aesthetics as these yachts are built for speed yet with practical amenity in mind. the navetta line on the other hand, is conceived for those who love extended cruises in palatial comfort over long distances while enjoying the abundant space and luxury.


CRN pairs italian craftsmanship passion with technical skills



more than technical excellence, what makes a yacht a CRN is the culture of an insistent attention to detail embraced by every project manager and engineer, from the architects and interior designers to the sales team. this marriage of the industrial steel and aluminum paired with the italian passion for craftsmanship makes the product become the embodiment and anyone’s idea and vision for the dreamy cruise.


wally comes in three models: the power boat; the wallyace; and the semi-custom yacht



here’s wally; wally combines the latest technology with contemporary design, constantly looking at ways of improving the on the water enjoyment with performance, comfort, and style. every detail, fitting and space is carefully analyzed and designed as to contribute to the iconic wally appeal. custom built from 24 meters upwards, the sailing yachts come in three models: the power boat line including production boats; the displacement line wallyace of semi-custom yachts; and the custom design dedicated to bespoke displacement yachts over 45 meters.


riva bringing to life the flybridge vision



elegance and refined luxury best describe the riva line. with cutting-edge technology and italian artisanal tradition, the yacht stands out for its open, sportfly and flybridge vision. with a modern décor, the indoors is fashioned in the finest mahogany and streaked woods that only emphasize the brand’s attention to style.


pershing fiberglass and aluminum yachts


who can resist a powerful, pershing experience on the water. each yacht of this line is a masterly creation of  aerodynamics, engineering and materials inspired by state-of-the-art racing technology. from the engine to the interior décor, every detail enables breathtaking speeds. the combination of performance, technology and innovation comes to life in mondolfo, where all the pershing fiberglass yachts are made, and ancona, where the steel and aluminium forms take shape. 


sailing on itama



for the sporty souls out there, check out itama. the sleek, streamlined hull and signature steel-framed glass windscreen give the yacht its nautical household name, giving a performance that intimately creates a connection with the sea. with the right blend of power and style inside and out, harmony and balance take shape. 



riva yacht cruising the waves

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