neuehouse venice beach arrives with bohemian southern california vibes

neuehouse venice beach arrives with bohemian southern california vibes

neuehouse opens its fourth location


NeueHouse continues to expand its influence with the opening of latest location in Venice Beach. Standing as its fourth location, the design-minded workspace can be found just steps from the beach and its vibrant bohemian boardwalk. Embracing the spirit of collaboration and belonging, NeueHouse Venice Beach sets out to redefine and elevate the concept of a shared workspace, where collaborative creativity thrives in a Southern California atmosphere.


This newest location draws from the artistic heritage of the Market Street site, which was an important creative hub in the 1970s and 1980s — Larry Gagosian’s first LA Gallery had opened nearby and famously exhibited legendary Jean-Michel Basquiat. NeueHouse Venice Beach breathes new life into this artistic heritage, occupying an historic two-story brick building built in the 1920s.

neuehouse venice beach
images © Yoshihiro Makino@yoshihiromakino



the creative Restoration brings Innovation


NeueHouse Venice Beach takes shape under the creative vision of DesignAgency co-founder Anwar Mekhayech, its interiors curated to integrate the workspace’s urban design language with its bohemian beach context. The ambitious renovation project, led by Loescher Meachem Architects, commenced with essential seismic upgrades and the incorporation of an adjacent warehouse, resulting in an impressive 23,000-square-foot interior.


Interpreting NeueHouse’s sophisticated, cosmopolitan style for a relaxed beach setting in one of my favorite Los Angeles neighborhoods was an exciting challenge,’ says Mekhayech.There were no shortage of inspirations, from the local creative community and artisans to the idea of an endless summer and a street steeped in the chronicles of legends.’

neuehouse venice beach
earthy, moss-colored tiles are paired with oceanfront hues, such as sand, stone, pebble-pink, and navy



accommodating the diverse creativity at venice beach


One of the main challenges in renovating the heritage building was to accommodate the creative diversity of those working at NeueHouse Venice Beach. To address this, the design primarily features open and free-form spaces, allowing seamless adaptation to various programs. From sun-drenched lounges that foster social engagement to shared workspaces, meeting rooms, podcast and broadcast studios, a wellness pod, and even a surfboard quiver and shower room, every element encourages both productivity and enjoyment of the beachside location.

neuehouse venice beach
Reunion restaurant is centered by a horseshoe-shaped and skylit bar



NeueHouse Venice Beach design intertwines art and functionality, epitomizing the collaborative ethos. The art gallery, featuring a generous garage-style door that opens to the street, effortlessly invites the flow of energy between the interior and the lively surroundings. Custom bleacher seating designed to blend into the gallery’s walls facilitates hosting talks, performances, screenings, and exhibitions.


Simplicity and organic aesthetics define the furniture and lighting choices, utilizing natural materials that are both luxurious and tactile. These custom design elements not only celebrate history and innovation but also honor the spirit of craft to reflect the artistic legacy of Venice Beach.

neuehouse venice beach
the hybrid workspace offers varying levels of privacy and opportunities for collaboration

neuehouse venice beachconference rooms and floating desk spaces are available to members


a circular copper fireplace and a record player create a warm and welcoming atmosphere

neuehouse venice beach
the space will showcases an evolving collection of original art by both established and emerging artists


a rooftop patio is enveloped by lush vines and swaying palms

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